Gesture recognition engine environment GREEEN

Touchless Interaction Based on 3D Recognition

GREEEN enables a new touchless user interface operable by 'gestures' such as hand movements.

Enables touchless ‘gesture’ user interface

GREEEN (Gesture REcognition Engine ENvironment) performs 3-D recognition based on depth images and offers new touchless user interface operable by ‘gestures’ such as hand movements.
It enables customers to provide products and services that interact with natural actions of humans.

Main Functions

1. Human Body Recognition

Main Functions Images

Recognize 3-D coordinates of head, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, waist, knees and feet (15 positions) in real time

2. Natural User Interface

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Realize an interactive space where the users can operate remotely with natural movement without touching

3. Surface Modeling

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Create a polygon 3-D model from depth image and 2-D image in real time

GREEEN Architecture Overview

GREEEN Architecture Overview Image

GREEEN is the framework composed of highly independent components that are implemented using unique technology of NCS. It is appreciated in various fields as a solution that does not depend on specific devices.

Product Features

1. Recognizing gestures in real-time

The gesture recognition engine, that is the core of GREEEN, detects 3-D coordinates of body parts and recognizes ‘gesture’, analyzing those positional relation and velocity and in real-time. Interacting with gestures such as handwaving or sticking out one’s hand, the application can provide completely new user interface.

2. Robustness against disturbance

GREEEN uses 3-D image sensors such as TOF (Time-Of-Flight) sensor as input devices and performs recognition based on depth images consisting of pixels that hold the distance from the object as values. It enables robust performance against disturbance such as unstable ambient light or variations in colors of user’s clothes and background.

3. Applicable to various platforms

The core of GREEEN does not depend on a specific OS or library, so it can be applicable to various platforms. You can use GREEEN in a wide range of fields as the engine embedded in the final product, or as an overall system including user application.

4. Support for multiple types of devices

Depth cameras have big differences in image quality, resolution, field of view, sensing range, outdoor capability, and physical limits etc. Because GREEEN supports multiple types of cameras, you can choose the optimal camera for your situation.


GREEEN enables customers to provide products and services taking various revolutionary advantages.

Vehicle Equipment

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Alternative to Voice Operation

Digital Signage

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Interactive Advertising


Applications Images

High Definition 3D Human Model

Easily enable touchless interaction with your products and services

GREEEN enables rapid development of touchless interactive systems corresponding to market needs. We extensively support customers through consulting on touchless interaction, customizing the engine and providing an overall system for mass products or services.

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