Laboratory Information Management System

Examination and Research Comprehensive Support System

Examination and Research Comprehensive Support System

SimpDoc is a system that comprehensively supports various tasks in research facilities such as reception, traceability management of samples, document preparation, and statistical processing, etc.

Product Features

1. Simple

SimpDoc is a system that suits your actual work. You don’t need to change the workflow depends on the system. SimpDoc has simple screens with only necessary functions.

2. Easy

SimpDoc is designed to use the some operation method through all screens. You don’t need to read thick manuals or get specialized training.
With SimpDoc, it is possible to batch processing of multiple samples easily. You can work efficiently without repeating same operations.

3. Accurate

Registration of examination request information is completed just by reading a QR code. It is possible to work more accurately and quickly than manual input.
SimpDoc can be connected with various analytical instruments. It automatically performs setting file transmission and result data capture, so it can prevent mistakes in manual input operation.

4. Support

SimpDoc has a text to speech function. It is especially effective in cases where special attention is needed or when comparison to paper documents at hand.
Hint buttons are arranged on each screen. They tell you what work can be done on the screen or a simple operation procedure.

Functional Overview


Reception of Examination Request
You only read a QR Code of a request form made with our tool. It it also possible to create new request by manual input.
Printing a Barcode Sticker
It prints a barcode sticker for each examination request or sample. By reading the barcode, you can easily input a target ID to search window on each screen.
Printing a Receipt Document
We provide customized documents for your format.
Assignment the Person In Charge
Assignment of multiple samples can be done at once.
If a sample is assigned to several examiners, you can manage the order of responsibility.

Reception Image

Work in Laboratory

Management with Barcode
You can prevent mistakes of using different samples because tubes and plates are managed and collated by the barcode.
Connection with Various Instruments
SimpDoc is connected with various instruments.
You can see the result in real time even in remote places because the result data is automatically taken in.
Confirm of Examination Result
It is possible to check the examination result of multiple times at once.

Work in Laboratory Image

Document Preparation

Document Preparation
It is possible to create various documents, such as a result report and a statistical form, at once.
You can manage different versions because a history is saved for both creating and uploading document.
SimpDoc supports a approval workflow. The histories of approval are saved automatically.
You can check the progress even when there are multiple approvers, and you can see the status of samples in real time.
You can see various statistics such as the total number of samples, remaining tasks and current status of each examiner.

Document Preparation Image

Search / Management

Various keyword items are prepared in SimpDoc for useful search. In addition, it supports reading multiple barcodes and searching by plate.
It is possible to make various settings, such as login with a password or function limitations by a user’s authority.
Text to Speech
SimpDoc can read aloud examination request information and examination results. The speed of reading aloud can be set for each user. It supports security confirmations work.

Manage Image

Comprehensive Support for Laboratory Workflow

1. Sample Registration

  • Registration of sample information (Testing content, quantity, response deadline, etc.)
  • Registration of requester information (Company, name, address, etc.)
  • Batch import of information by CSV file
  • Issue barcode and RFID stickers for sample management
  • Cancel testing request
  • Acceptance of testing request

2. Assignment Orders

  • Researcher assignment
  • Output of worksheets
  • Output of testing instructions
  • Output of forms required for testing
  • Researcher schedule management
  • Testing equipment schedule management
  • List of the progress of testing

3. Analysis

  • Testing result input
  • Automatic threshold judgment of testing result
  • Rounding of testing results
  • Automatic import data from analytical instruments
  • File registration for the results
  • Registration for the multiple results
  • Re-testing
  • Log the results (Date and time, user, input value)
  • Note about the testing

4. Print out

  • Administrator approval
  • Automatic pass / fail judgment
  • Record approval history log
  • Report output
  • Report customization
  • Multiple format reports
  • Multilingual report
  • Fax transmission of reports
  • Fax transmission status list
  • Remand for re-testing

5. Statistics

  • Statistics creation and file output
  • CSV file output of statistical data
  • Weekly report, monthly report, daily report output
  • Reagent data output
  • Equipment data output
  • Testing data output for each researcher
  • Testing data output for billing
  • Reference and output logs

6. Master data Management

  • User registration / edit
  • Authority setting
  • Registration of analytical instrument master data
  • Registration of the instrument status
  • Registration of testing contents master data
  • Registration of reagent master data
  • Log management
  • Application settings
  • Periodic batch registration