NDE Mask Manufacturable Suite

for Mask Data

NDE Mask Manufacturable Suite is a software which offers applications required by mask data preparation .

Total solution for mask data preparation (MDP)

NDE (NCS Distributed Environment) is a distributed processing software running on a conventional Linux PC-cluster. Its advanced technology realizes more flexible and scalable distributed processing.
On the NDE platform, NDE Mask Manufacturable Suite (NDE-MS) is a software which offers applications required by mask data preparation (MDP) covering post-OPC through pre-mask writing.

NCS Distributed Environment

NDE-MS application

Various applications are available on NDE-MS.

Features of NDE

1. All processing distributed

With NDE-MS, all processing is distributed to multiple nodes. Moreover, some applications support pipeline processing which can run the export process simultaneously with it.

All processing distributed / Pipeline

2. Outstanding Scalability

NDE-MS’s advanced distributed processing technology realizes outstanding scalability by increasing CPU cores. Tens of thousands of cores are also available.


3. Plenty of input and output data formats

NDE-MS supports plenty of input and output data formats.

data formats

4. Measurement recipe support

NDE-MS supports recipe creation for CD-SEM and Registration tools.

Measurement recipe support

5. Task management

A task submitted by an user is called a session and managed. NDE-MS’s flexible task management can run multiple sessions simultaneously. Moreover, while sessions are running, they can be suspended or their priority can be changed.

6. Version management

NDE-MS can switch the version with the another one anytime. For example, a version for production can be set as default, but other versions can be specified when submitting sessions.

7. License management

NDE-MS has its own license management so that it does not require a third party’s license management system. One license daemon can manage multiple NDE systems, and it can be introduced for a secure environment which allows to use only a specific network port. For those who want to use a third party license management system, NDE-MS also supports FlexLM®.

8. Usage result collection

NDE-MS can collect the number of sessions, processing time, the number of figures, data volume, operating time, down time, and availability in the form of daily report, weekly report, and monthly report. In addition, it can also collect information on a specified session. It helps grasping the operation status and getting information for accounting using this feature.


As an optional feature, an API which accesses NDE data base (intermediate file) can be provided as an SDK package. Users can implement their own distributed processing application on NDE.

10. Plenty of utility programs

Plenty of utility programs are available such as data analysis tools for each data format.