Low-latency Real-time Video Delivery System

SUNLIGHT is a low-latency live streaming system that enables the user to see "What's going on now in there" in real-time

Enables low-latency live streaming

SUNLIGHT is a real-time video delivery system that enables low-latency live streaming with encoding. In various scenes, it allows you to see “What’s going on now in there” in real-time video and respond promptly.

You can introduce SUNLIGHT in various forms such as installing on an existing system or operation by appliance

SUNLIGHT Product Image

SUNLIGHT is a scratch software product which has high extensibility. You can introduce it as a software module installed on existing systems, or small appliance located on existing facilities. It allows you to treat a real-time image from an external system as an image source, perform custom pre- or post-processing and translate unicast from/to multicast. SUNLIGHT offers low-bandwidth and low-latency video streaming in an appropriate form for the operation scenes.

Product Features

1. Low-latency live streaming with encoding

SUNLIGHT offers low-latency and smooth live streaming with encoding at low bandwidth such as in a wireless LAN environment. (Latency is 200ms with 1080p 30fps at 4Mbps : in our environments).

2. IPv6 / Wireless LAN / Multicast support

SUNLIGHT supports unicast and multicast delivery in IPv4/ IPv6 wired or wireless LAN. It allows flexible network layout using wireless communication such as IEEE802.11a/b/g/n.

3. Real-time remote multi-source control

You can perform real-time remote control such as switching video source, or changing resolution and encoding quality dynamically. Also, SUNLIGHT allows you to get a high-resolution image stored on a server corresponding to the current frame: ‘Snapshot’ function.

4. Cameras for special use and image processing

SUNLIGHT can connect to non-RGB cameras such as depth sensors using extended component. And it can perform various real-time image processing such as image correction, image recognition and overlaying processing result on original image.

System Examples

Example 1: Real-time remote control of vehicles

SUNLIGHT System Examples

Example 2: Point-to-multipoint remote communication

SUNLIGHT System Examples

ApplicationsIn a variety of field related to the videos, SUNLIGHT enables real-time video delivery.

  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Manufacturing
  • Disaster
  • Robot vision
  • Medical