Let’s build a team of lively and sophisticated engineers!

This was the motto when Nippon Control System Corporation was first established as an independent software company in 1981. Since then, we have utilized our knowledge in both software and hardware, and have been engaged in broad development of control systems, especially in the areas of communication control, image processing, and semiconductor photomask data processing. Contract-based development was our majority business at the time of incorporation, and then the introduction of our own products such as a keyboard inspection device adopting image processing, and a high speed photomask data processing system utilizing distributed processing has increased over time. We have received high praises through such products.
Particularly, the high speed photomask data processing system introduced to domestic and foreign customers for production is being broadly adopted as it is also capable of a modeling and correcting the semiconductor photomask manufacturing process. In addition, the range of our own products we provide is getting broader, such as motion capture, data clustering, video processing, and more. We will continue our commitment to provide high quality products by taking advantage of our skill and accumulated knowledge.

大原 秀一郎
President and
Representative Director
Shuichiro Ohara