Our own brand products are introduced here.
We offer a wide range of products from software to hardware.

EDA systems
NDE Mask Manufacturable Suite
NDE Mask Manufacturable Suite (NDE-MS) is a software which offers applications required by mask data preparation (MDP) covering post-OPC through pre-mask writing.
Labotatory Information Management System
SimpDoc is a system that comprehensively supports various tasks in research facilities.
Video Delivery Systems
Low-latency real-time video delivery system SUNLIGHT
SUNLIGHT is a real-time video delivery system that enables low-latency live streaming with encoding. In various scenes, it allows you to see "What's going on now in there" in the real-time video and respond promptly.
360° Object Recognition System
GREEENxLIDAR 360° Object Recognition System enables real-time 3-D recognition of humans, things and structures existing in the surroundings.
Gesture Recognition Engine Environment
GREEEN (Gesture REcognition Engine ENvironment) performs 3-D recognition based on depth images and offers new touchless user interface operable by 'gestures' such as hand movements.
Glass Fragmentation Inspection System
LumiCrack supports automation of automotive tempered glass inspection with high-precision image processing.
Broadcast and Video Equipment
UHDTV 4K/8K Broadcast and Video Equipment
NCS offers products for UHDTV 4K/8K broadcast and video equipment.
Data Recorder
DRA Series Data Recording and Processing Unit
DRA Series system is an industry-leading data recorder that enables ultra-high speed broadband data recording capability.