Glass Fragmentation Inspection System

LumiCrack supports automation of automotive tempered glass inspection based on JIS-R3211 and ECE R-43.

Automatic counting of fragments by image processing

LumiCrack supports automation of automotive tempered glass  inspection based on JIS-R3211 and ECE-R43.
It takes pictures of broken glass and imports them as image files. This eliminates the need for photosensitive paper and solution.
In addition, it detects the boundaries of glass fragments with high-precision image processing and accurately counts the number of fragments.

Product Features

1. High speed and highly accurate counting

LumiCrack can precisely recognize the differences of fragments by “binarization of light and shade profile shape” in which binarization of variable threshold and edge detection are combined.
It supports efficient inspection as it detects a breaking point and counting area automatically.

2. Adoptable to curved glass

In addition to flat glass, LumiCrack can be used for curved glass, colored glass, and glass with printed heater grid.
It also includes analysis functions specific to glass with printed heater grid and curved glass enabling analysis of a wide range of glass types.

3. Reanalysis function allows repeated analysis

Once a photo has been taken, you can repeat the analysis as many times as you like.
This allows you to make effective use of the data you have taken, for example, when you want to change the conditions for analysis, or when you want to re-specify the area to be counted and count the number of fragments.

4. Variety of management functions

The image files and the analysis results are stored on a management server over a long period as evidence. This data can be used to manage work progress and to generate output documents via in-house network. This information can also be used for improvement or development of products.

Product Description

  1. 1. Take Photos

    S/W analyzer ...Imaging Device + Software

    You can simply click “start” to start photographing, and it will be done in 8 seconds at most.

  2. 2. Analyze Photos by Software

    Finding sparse/dense areas and counting will be done automatically.

  3. 3. Save & Browse All the Photos and Results

    S/W manager ...Data Management Server

    Digitalizing data makes it easy to save huge amount of data and access to them.